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Production area: Le Marche – Italy

White Wine

Passerina IGT, obtained with grapes harvested exclusively by hand, comes from the Passerina wine cultivated in the hills of the Marche, harvested in mid-September to preserve its natural aromatic heritage. Straw yellow in color with golden reflections, it reveals typical aromas of tropical fruit and white flowers, in the mouth it is savory and well structured, with persistent notes of freshness.

Food and wine pairing: seafood and fish dishes in general, but is also suitable for white meats and fresh cheeses.

Appellation: Passerina IGT

Wine variety:: 100% Passerina

Growing system: Guyot

Plants per hectare: 3800-Yield per plant: 2.8 Kg. Per plant approx

Color: Bright yellow with golden reflections

Organoleptic characteristics: Fresh, with hints of lime and hawthorn

Vinification: Hand-picked grapes, soft pressing, controlled fermentation in barrel.

Alcohol content: 12% vol. variable with the vintage

Tasting temperature 10 ° – 12 ° C- 750ML e 

 Contains sulphites

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INFINITO-768x1200 Wine Collection

       Production area: Le Marche – Italy

White Wine

Verdicchio Dei Castelli di Jesi Classico, Controlled Designation of Origin, production limited to a low quantity of grapes to concentrate the taste in a few clusters, the harvest is done by hand selecting the grapes during harvest, proceeding to its processing with soft pressing and fermentation at controlled temperatures. It is dry and well structured on the palate, it contains the aromas and tastes of the Verdicchio tradition. Perfect on fish, shellfish, oysters and lobsters and dishes with important sauces, pork, roasted white meats, cheeses.

Appellation: Verdicchio Dei Castelli Di Jesi DOC

Growing system: upside down-Plants per hectare: 1836-Yield per plant: 4.5 kg

Color: Intense straw yellow

Organoleptic characteristics: Well structured bitter almond aftertaste

Vinification: Selection and harvest by hand, soft pressing, cold cleaning of the must and controlled fermentation-

Alcohol content: 13% vol. variable with the vintage

Tasting  temperature 10 ° – 12 °C 750ML e  

Contains sulphites 

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ROSSO-ROMANTICO-768x1150 Wine Collection

  Production area: Le Marche – Italy

Red Wine

Sweet red wine, young, fresh and fruity. Novello is a young wine produced through the carbonic maceration technique, the grapes ferment in the absence of oxygen and in the presence of carbon dioxide. This is followed by the pressing of the macerated grapes, fermentation of the must at a controlled temperature, clarification and bottling. It is obtained in a month and a half with grapes harvested in the second decade of September which are vinified intact, the young wine offers intense gustatory sensations. The classic pairing of any good new wine is that with chestnuts, desserts and cheeses. The fresh and enjoyable taste of the novel goes well with the flavors of autumn-

Appellation : Sweet red wine

Vine variety : red grapes

Alcohol content : 12%

Tasting  temperature: 18° – 20° C- 750ML e

 Contains sulphites

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OTELLO-768x1167 Wine Collection

            Production area: Le Marche- Italy

Red Wine

Rosso Piceno Red wine DOC is obtained from the Sangiovese and Montepulciano vines in the percentages as required by the production disciplinary. It has a dry taste that is not very tannic and pleasant on the palate, always coming from grapes harvested exclusively by hand. Vinified by separating the two grapes, the assembly is done before bottling. Food and wine pairing: all types of meat and game. Fish with complex cooking. Medium-aged cheeses.

Appellation: Rosso Piceno DOC

Vine variety: Montepulciano 70% Sangiovese 30%

Growing system: Guyot-Plants per ectare: 3800-Yield per plant: 2.8 Kg. Per plant approx

Color: Brilliant Ruby Red

Organoleptic characteristics: Fresh, with hints of plum and red fruits

Vinification: Hand-picked grapes, maceration with the skins, soft pressing and subsequent controlled fermentation in barrels

Alcohol contente: 12% vol. variable with the vintage

Tasting temperature: 18 ° C.- 750MLe Contains sulphites 

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pensieri Wine Collection

Production Area: Le Marche – Italy

Red Wine

The Lacrima is grown on the hills surrounding the village of Morro d’Alba. This grape takes its name from a peculiarity connected with its berries, which, when mature, release drops of grape juice that falls into the ground. Characteristic, persistent and intense, with a strong prevalence of fruits of the forest. Very typical, dry, sapid with a pleasant smoothness and harmonious taste-smell.

Pairings :first courses with red sauces and ragù; particularly spiced and flavoured meat-based main courses; 

thanks to its particular aromatic characteristics, it can also be enjoyed alone.

Appellation: Lacrima di Morro d’Alba DOC

Alcohol content : 13%

Tasting  temperature: 16- 18° C- 750ML e

Contains sulphites

OPERA-SPUMANTE-300x204 Wine Collection
OPERA-SPUMANTE-768x944 Wine Collection

Production area: Le Marche – Italy

Brut sparkling wine, bubbles from pure Verdicchio grapes vinified with the Charmat method. A fine and intense perlage is accompanied by fruity aromas, almond and yeast. Pleasant citrus notes and fresh acidity emerge in the mouth. It is produced from 100% Verdicchio grapes, coming from the coldest vineyards and grapes harvested in advance of ripening to maintain the lively acidity and beautiful aromas during the sparkling phase.

Food and wine pairing: appetizers, omelettes, fish dishes, even raw. Excellent as an aperitif.

Alcohol content : 12% Tasting: temperature: 6-8 ° C- 750ML e

 Contains sulphites.


POESIA-300x122 Wine Collection
POESIA-1-768x933 Wine Collection

Production area: Le Marche – Italy

Sweet sparkling wine Martinotti method, to accompany and enhance desserts. Manual and early grape harvest, soft pressing, cleaning of the must and fermentation at a controlled temperature. Partial re-fermentation in large vats, as per specification. Great intensity and aromatic persistence, fragrant aromas with clear hints of grapes, sage and honey. Excellent with buttery and aromatic yeast pastries such as panettone and pandoro. Fresh pastries, filled cakes, fruit tarts, semifreddi with fruit or cream.

Appellation: Sweet sparkling wine

Vine variety:white berried grapes

Vinification: with the Martinotti method (Charmat)

Alcohol content: 12%

Tasting: temperature: 6-8 ° C 750ML e  

Contains sulphites.


 Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Etichette-OliO-1 Wine Collection

Production area: Italy-Le Marche

Blend extra virgin olive oil is obtained from the olive fruits of the cultivars: Leccino, Raggia, Frantoio, Mignola, Moraiolo, Ascolana. The olive harvest begins in mid-October and ends in the first ten days of November. Different moments are chosen for each cultivar, trying to respect the different degree of ripeness of the same, so as to obtain for each oil, the best qualitative characteristics: minimum levels of acidity and peroxides, high presence of polyphenols, natural antioxidants, essential for our health and guarantors of oil maintenance over time. The two-phase continuous cycle crusher, which does not require the addition of water in the extraction phase, operates at temperatures no higher than 30 ° C, guaranteeing maximum hygiene in each processing phase. The hammer crusher considerably limits the oxidation process of the olives, compared to traditional stone mills; the control of the temperature, kept within the maximum limit of 30 ° in each processing phase, slows down the oxidation process; the water not added in the processing stages prevents the oil from being washed out and preserves its aromas, flavors and polyphenols. The oil is made up of a blend of oil from different cultivars: Raggia, Frantoio, Moraiolo, Ascolana, Mignola. The strong hints of almond and artichoke from Leccino, Raggia, Frantoio and Moraiolo, combined with the Ascolana tomato and the berries of the Mignola, give an oil with a more rounded taste, less decisive than the monovarietals but always characterized by evident notes of bitter and spicy. The harvest took place at the end of October. Particularly suitable on medium-strength meat dishes, on a good pasta to be enjoyed with only raw oil or accompanied by cherry tomatoes and basil, appetizing on croutons and-bruschetta.

 Beneficial Properties of Extra Virgin Oil: Helps reduce Ldl cholesterol- Helps reduce blood pressure- Helps reduce blood sugar levels- Increases bile secretion- Offers a supply of vitamins A, D and E- Facilitates the absorption of other vitamins- Prevents coronary heart disease- Prevents Ateriosclerosis- Prevents Alzheimer’s disease (Research from Monell Center Senses Center in Philadelphia and Northwestern University in Chicago).


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